Survival and American Holiday Chants CD


All 47 Chants written and performed by: Tommie A. Shider 2017

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1. How Are You 
2. I Don't Feel Well/Say It Again  
3. What Did....Do? 
4. Give It Back 
5. He/She/They Took 
6. You Better Stop 
7. Leave Me Alone 
8. I Need 
9. I Need Change 
10. May I Have Chant 
11. I Don't Have 
12. May I Have, May I Use, I Don't Have 
13. May I Go 
14. The to Be Song 
15. To Be or Not to Be 
16. Where Are You Going? 
17. Where Were You? 
18. What Did You Do, Where Did You Go? 
19. I Left It
20. I Lost It
21. The Have and Has Song
22. The Do and Does Song
23. The Was and Were Song 
24. The Go and Goes Song
25. Regular Verb Chants
26. What Are You Going to Do This Weekend
27. The Question Chant
28. Capital Letters
29. Vowel Song-Long Vowels
30. Vowel Count-Short Vowel
31. Where Does It Hurt?
32. I don't Feel Well Chant
33. He/She Doesn't Feel Well
34. The Fourth of July
35. Christopher Columbus Chant
36. Thankful Chant
37. Thanksgiving's Coming Chant
38. The Pilgrims and The Indians
39. Abraham Lincoln Chant
40. Father of Our Country (George Washington)
41. Leprechaun, Leprechaun
42. Martin Luther King Had A Dream Chant
43. Halloween Party Chant
44. Christmas Shopping
45. Cinco De Mayo
46. Memorial Day
47. How Was Your Holiday?
All Chants written and performed by: Tommie A. Shider 2017


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